• Peninsula Sveti Stefan

    • 300m
    • 1mins
    • 1mins

    Sveti Stefan one of the most exclusive resorts in the Mediterranean, was created by the adaptation of stone houses on the island, built over five centuries ago to protect the population from surrounding villages in the event of attacks by pirates and Turks. According to history, in 1442, the Pashtrovici fortified the island from loot of Turkish galleys and built twelve houses, one for each Pashtur tribe. Budva was the commercial, traffic center of Pashtrovic and for almost 300 years the seat of Bankada - Pashtar tribal court. The settlement is named after church at the top of the island, dedicated to St. Archdeacon Stefan. There are still churches of St. the Transfiguration and St. Alexander Nevsky.

  • Miločer Park

    • 600m
    • 4mins
    • 1mins

    Built 80 years ago as a summer resort of the Yugoslav dynasty Karadjordjevic, for decades a garden of exotic trees and flowers has emerged, a green-flowered oasis in the heart of the exclusive Sveti Stefan (Saint Stephen's)-Miločer tourist zone. Lebanon's cedar, eucalyptus, tropical mimosa, Japanese medlar, cactus, agave, pithospora… with local Mediterranean plants and flowers, have been a must-see for tourists and tourists from all over the world for decades. The park is located in the hinterland of the most beautiful Montenegrin beaches: Milocer (King’s beach) and Kraljicina beach (Queen’s beach).